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  1. Jeff Boyer is a man of "man shows." He got his...

    Jeff Boyer is a man of "man shows." He got his "wires crossed," and brought the wrong show!! But the crowd still enjoyed "Bubble Trouble." Hope you made it to the library and got a chance to see...
  2. Fun With Energy - Free Program - WH Walters Free Public Library- 6/28 @ 7 pm

    Start your summer off right by joining us on June 28 @ 7:00PM at the WH Walters Free Public Library, 1001 East Boulevard, Alpha, NJ for a night filled with laughter and learning as Jeff Boyer...
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    Book Club - FREE!!!

    WH Walters Free Public Library Book Club
    Alpha, NJ
    Friday, May 24 @ 12Noon
    Program is free, but please call to register!!
    This month’s book: A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick
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    Got stress?

    Life today is more stressful than the past. Learn what YOUR stress points are with a quick quiz and learn some techniques to manage your "brand" of stress.

    Join us on Friday, May 17 @ 6:30 PM at...
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