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    Any one have a pediatrician or family practice that they love and would recommend to a mother of two children under 6?

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    I used Hunterdon..Dr. Braff for my almost 3 yr. old since she was born. I just recently switched for two reasons.

    1. She was twice given the wrong dose of medicine, and I was very lucky that the Shoprite Pharmacy people caught it.

    2. It is really too far to drive down CRAZY Rt. 78 when she is sick.

    I never had any problems with Appt. when she was sick, they always took her in...but when they made the second mistake...I decided that was enough.

    We now use..New Beginnings in Phillipsburg. I have only been there twice. I don't have too much to say yet, other then....I can't stand when the Dr's are so fast in and out. I know lots kids, lots of patients little time..but geez...take your hand off of the door knob and see how the kid is, or how we are....

    Good luck...If you find any better...pass it along.

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    We use New Beginnings at Hillcrest.

    They are nearly ALWAYS busy which can lead to a lengthy wait time. We have seen both Dr. Edwards and Dr. Sion and like them both. I've never felt rushed with either.

    The only con I have is the occasional wait in the waiting room. We've never had an issue getting a timeslot if our children are sick.

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    She was twice given the wrong dose of medicine, and I was very lucky that the Shoprite Pharmacy people caught it.
    Baby Lou, are you saying that the Dr wrote the wrong dose on the script? That's a little disconcerting. We see him.

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    I am currently using New Beginnings and am not happy with them for the exact reasons some of the others wrote about here. I'll show up for a 9:00 appointment and get out of the office until 10:45 which makes no sense since they have only been open an hour at that point. I'll also called late morning to try and get sick appointments, only for them to tell me they are already booked the whole day.

    Any other suggestions for a good pediatrician or family practice out there?

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    We have been using New Beginnings (Warren Pediatrics) for many years now. We love Dr. Evans and have also seen Dr. Sion. I can't say I have had much wait time and have had no problems getting appointments for sick children.

    Dr. Evans has also worked side by side with our son's Ear, Nose and Throat doctor for several surgeries. It has been more than a pleasant work relationship for all of us.

    The kids also love to see him out and about in public (shoprite, Home Depot, etc.) because he always stops and says hello and talks to them.

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    I too have pulled my kids from New Beginnings. The office staff is extremely rude and uncooperative. I have since moved the entire family to Village Medical, 207 Strykers Road (908) 859-6568, Phillipsburg, they are a family practice. I would call; I do believe there is an age threshold for young patients (i.e. under 5). There were able to schedule a physical within a week, not in 3 1/2 months like New Beginnings.

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    We (the parents) use Village Medical and like most of the doctors there. I wouldn't think of using them for kids under five. A good pediatrician can do more with a child that can't express themselves yet.

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    I was just having this conversation on tuesday with several moms in the area. I left Hunterdon Pediatrics b/c I wanted something closer to home and a little more personal. I've been with New Beginings since January and although I like Dr. Evans, his office staff can be extremely rude. Similar to 78traveler, I called 2 months ahead of time to make well appointments for my kids in Oct. and they told me (in a very nasty way) that October was booked and they aren't taking appointments for Nov yet.....not sure I understand that mentality. Needless to say I have to call back next week (while I'm away on vacation).

    I would really like to switch but there really doesn't seem to be much of a choice.

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    Franklin Guest..

    Absolutely....My daughter was born very small...4 lbs 11 oz...she has always had trouble gaining weight. After I got the slip, I went to Shoprite to have it filled. I had my daughter with me this time and I got lucky. Peter asked me how old she was and how much she weighed. He told me that what the Dr. wrote out was way too much for her size, and that he would have to call the Dr. to have it adjusted. Talk about lucky...Nothing like having a 10-15 lb baby ??, and giving them an overdose. After the second husband was pretty pissed, and we finally made the move. It is not easy doing that, since my daughter does have growth issues, and Hunterdon has seen her since she was born. These new Dr's have no clue who I am or anything about my daughter, and I never seem to get enough time with them to state my concerns, or let them know her story. I can't say they have been bad....I can just say they have been too busy, and too fast. No sit down time what so ever.

    Dr. Braff was very nice...But too biggest pet peeve with him...I asked for my daughters MMR shots to be seperated....I have an Autistic Niece...and I just felt better if they were given seperately. He made me feel like a complete idiot for asking...and refused to do it. I was not at all happy with his attitude towards me or my concerns.

    This is just my personal experience...I know other people who are very happy there...

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