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Thread: route 57 deer processing

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    Default route 57 deer processing

    We used to use route 57 deer processing (Homeplate Dairy). They had great products, especially the venison pork roll.
    Apparently the owner moved to Florida. We know he took the meat somewhere local. Anyone know where that may be?

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    I wonder if Rossini's would do it. They are right there across the road. Actually I thought they were the same owners, but maybe not.

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    You mean there are local places that actually sell venison? Damn, I thought all this time I needed to rely on knowing a hunter who shot one (as opposed to road kill). I'd be interested in knowing where I can buy a steak or some other cuts that I can grill before it gets too cold.

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    If you are looking for a good place to process a deer, or any animal, Person's on Rt. 31 South in Lebanon is great. I use them all the time. Check them out at or (908)735-4646. Just in case you are wondering, it is illegal to sell deer meat or any part of a deer in NJ. In PA it is leagal however.

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