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Thread: Italian Sun

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    Stating that Bellissimo is the best in this area ain't exactly a vote of confidence - dining out in this area SUCKS bigtime. If you think anything otherwise you really need to start traveling and live alittle

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    Quote Originally Posted by BELLISSIMO CUSTOMER View Post
    Joeybats and football are both idiots and have no clue about good food! Bellissimo is the best restaurant in this area hands down!
    I have a lot more respect for the opinions of someone who has been a member of this site for a few years, has several hundred posts, clearly knows what he likes in a restaurant, and presents a reasonably good understanding of fine dining than a single-post user who can do nothing but hurl insults people who have a differing opinion.

    Quite frankly, I find it difficult to accept that ANY place that offers a delivery service (either at home or curbside for that matter) can be considered fine dining. The food may be good and satisfying but some people want an exceptional dining experience. That would also include the ambiance.

    BTW, I saw the ad for Belissimo's in the latest Greenwich Gazette. Can ANYONE tell me why I would pay $70/person for a 3-course meal (from a limited menu) and an opportunity to hear a comedian whose name couldn't ring the bell on the end of a Christmas hat? I used to frequent Rascal's Comedy Club when it was in West Orange. For less than $50, I could get dinner (from their full menu) AND a ticket for a show with an A-list comedian.

    Bottom line, Belissimo's may have a good menu with food prepared by chefs/cooks who care about what leaves their kitchen but they probably have a long way to go before they can be considered a fine dining experience. I have to agree with 7 -- the lack of a liquor license doesn't help either.

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    You must be the bus boy. Get a life! Best restaurant in the area? Are you kidding me? We're in deep trouble if that's the case. I'll give you maybe another 6 months until your gone!

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    Default Italian Sun

    Have never been a fan of Italian Sun. Don't know how many chances I'll give them.
    Rt. 78 is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are going to get!

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    Default Italian Sun

    I found Bellissiomo to be about the same as the Italian Sun.

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    Default Comedy Night

    Based on your responses i would like to say that just because i have only posted once on this site does not make me a amateur in dining experiences. I have been to hundreds of places over the last 20yrs and i know good food and service. Bellissimo definitely offers that! For those that believe that bellissimo is not a good restaurant you need to go back to dining at Diners and fast food chains were you belong!

    I made a reservation at Bellissimo for comedy night and i have the menu infront of me. For $70 you get choice of Calamari, Shrimp Cocktail or Mozzarella Caprese, Choice of House or Ceasar Salad, Choice of Penne Vodka or Penne Arrabiatta and For Entree choice of Filet Mignon, Salmon Or Chicken and Shrimp Scampi, also includes soda, coffee and dessert.

    If you go anywhere you will Pay $25- $28 just for the Filet Mignon. The type of Course they are offering would Cost Atleast $60 per person if you went anywhere else. You dont have to spend $30 for a bottle of wine because you can buy it for $10 bucks in the Liquor store.

    You people should support your local businesses rather then bash them like little children (JoeyBatz and football). Grow up and get a life!

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    Nobody is suggesting that you are an amateur in the dining experience. My point is that you posted with a screen name that clearly shows a bias to Bellissimo's. That's fine but you also have to realize that doing so doesn't give you a lot of credibility when your first post proclaims the restaurant to be the best in the area.

    As for the Family Night, it could very well be an enjoyable night of dining and entertainment. However, my point here was that it is still very expensive (in a time when people have little disposable cash) for a D-list comedian. Put a B-lister as the headliner for that night and maybe you have a good deal. Rascal's Comedy Club (when it was in West Orange) routinely had A- and B-list comedians and a dinner menu that would rival any fine dining experience. Their fried calamari was among the best I have ever had.

    I don't think anyone here (with maybe an exception or 2) is saying the food is crap. I think most people might be willing to agree that it is a decent place that serves good food and takes pride in what they do. That is no different than what I expect from any restaurant. However, I would never want to mistake it for a fine dining or gourmet restaurant. That also does not mean that such places serve better food than Bellissimo's either.

    Bellissimo's will live or die based on their ability to attract clientele for its food, not D-list entertainers. If they want to turn into a comedy club or dinner theater, they will have to do much better. I can name 4 or 5 other places I would rather go that serve equally good food but offer entertainment that would make me want to travel upwards of an hour and spend my money.

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    What's not liking your food/restaurant have to to do with acting like a child. I'm just stating my opinion and I thought the place sucked. That's all. And I will not support a local business if it doesn't meet my requirements of being a good business! Good Luck!

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    Why dont we just sum this up.... Nothing in the area is that goog unless you go out of the town.

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