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Thread: good restaurantssss!

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    The Spain Inn on route 173 Asbury (between Exits 7 and 11 off 78) is our fave around here for decent food, great service and reasonably priced and close to home!

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    that's route 78
    same problem as the other poster with the smiley face.

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    Oh and the River Grill in Easton PA was good a few years back. haven't been in a while, but felt like I was in NYC when we were there last. It's right over the free bridge.

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    If price is no object I would look into the Frenchtown Inn and the Tewksbury Inn (I'm sure I spelled that incorrectly but in too much of a rush to double check it). Both are really good but pricey

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    I'll second Spain II (I think it's called). Not NYC-quality, but better than you'd expect.

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    I personally had one of the best meals in my life at the Perryville Inn. It is roughly 10-12 mins away. I heard the Mediterrean Bistro on rte. 57 was excellent.

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    Mediterrean Bistro has been consistently good. Great service, good food and reasonable. Dinner for two (all courses) with a bottle of wine is a little over $100. It's small and cozy. We've also used them for a Sunday event (Christening) where they rented us the entire restaraunt. Great quality.

    I can't say enough about how nice the staff is - engaging and very knowledgable. Wine list is decent, but the food is the real reason this place rates.

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    As you can see from all the posts - every recommendation is not in the Greenwich, Lopat, Pohat area.....

    Mt. Top Chalet - Jugtown mtn
    Spain II -- Jugtowtn Mtn
    Mediterrean Bistro - Washington
    Perryville Inn - Perryville
    Blue - lehigh valley
    Melt - Saucon Valley
    Valenca, Phenom, Sogo, Sette Luna - Easton
    Emiril's Steak House - Bethlehem

    *** Reality -- you have to drive at least 15 minutes to find anything considered " nice "

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    Has anyone ever gone to that restaurant on Strikers road by the golf course? It's called Thyme and I know they have a liquor license because I always see drink specials advertised in the newspaper. They are mostly 'ladies nights' I wasn't sure if it was an actual restraunt or they were promoting whoring-around.

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    Thyme is owned by the same people as the Vintage Restaurant in The Club at Morgan Hill. They offer ladies' nights specials on drinks because the majority of the golfers are men and they want to expand the "base." The menu is very good, as is the menu at Vintage. The same owners just purchased the old Lipkins furniture store in Easton and plan to open a seafood restaurant soon after renovations are complete.

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