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Thread: Misliz (Liz Kemp) from Second Home Child Care ARRESTED?

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    Default Misliz (Liz Kemp) from Second Home Child Care ARRESTED?

    Greenwich Township School PTO president and day care operator Liz Kemp facing drug and child neglect charges
    Tuesday, September 29, 2009
    The Express-Times

    GREENWICH TWP. | The president of the township school district's Parent Teacher Organization and owner of a child care center was behind bars Monday after authorities found 19 marijuana plants growing in her greenhouse, police said.

    Liz Kemp, 42, of Route 57, was arrested late Saturday or early Sunday morning and is facing drug and child neglect charges, according to authorities.

    A tip to police led to the investigation, township police Chief Rich Guzzo said.

    She was charged with possession or "manufacture" of marijuana (more than an ounce, but less than 5 pounds), operating the marijuana-growing operation, possession of more than 50 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    She also was charged with two counts of child neglect for allegedly growing the marijuana while caring for a child.

    Kemp was being held Monday in the Warren County jail in lieu of $100,000 bail. She was arraigned in state Superior Court in Belvidere earlier in the day.

    Her husband, Glenn Warnick, 39, faces the same charges of child neglect. He was not incarcerated.

    Efforts to reach him Monday for comment were unsuccessful. The phone at the couple's home was repeatedly busy.

    Other PTO officers reached Monday said they did not know about Kemp's arrest. Guzzo confirmed Kemp is president of the organization, which represents students at Greenwich Elementary and Stewartsville Middle School.

    Schools Superintendent Maria Eppolite did not immediately return a phone call Monday night seeking comment.

    Kemp also operates Second Home Child Care out of the home, police said. In an approximately 4-year-old posting on the day care center's Web site, Kemp describes herself as the mother of two.

    She describes the center as "a second home for your child to feel comfortable, safe and at home."

    She wrote that she moved to the area from New York.

    "From day one, I seem to have a good connection with kids," she wrote. "I try to see things from their level."

    She also worked for the former Learning Tree in Washington and as a cafeteria aide in the Stewartsville and Greenwich schools, she wrote.

    In the 2002-2003 school year, she was an instructional aide/paraprofessional at Greenwich Elementary for children with special needs, according to her site.

    Reporter Tom Quigley can be reached at 610-258-7171, ext. 3574, or by e-mail at

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    but....she's a good ole person?????????? i think not and that all of her advertisements and nonsense posts on this board be taken off immediately!!!!

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    Good idea. Let's banish her from the board before all the facts come out, before she goes through the legal system etc. I must have misunderstood the whole innocent until proven guily thing.

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    As I've said elsewhere, "Innocent until proven guilty" is a legal term, not a set of instructions around how the public should treat the accused.

    The accusation is that they found seventeen plants in her greenhouse. Unless her attorney can prove that those plants just "appeared," she doesn't seem to have much of a case, wouldn't you say? As I recall, cannabis sativa is a *large* plant. It grows, in fact, like a weed... There's no way you'll have it in your greenhouse and not notice it.

    Most of us know Liz. She always seemed happy (insert rim shot here). And while I respect the reasons behind why having children in the house brings the automatic accusation of neglect, she adores her children. This will be hell for them, for sure.

    I'm saddened by this. Seventeen plants is a lot of weed. You don't grow seventeen plants for personal consumption, unless. And, regardless of what you think, you also have no real control over where your product is going once it leaves your hand.

    Thus: how many Stewartsville kids are smoking Liz's dope? We've read about people having their garage broken into here. Were the perps high on Kemp's Hemp?

    Probably not. But not "definitely not."

    Drugs and crime go hand in hand. They always have. I doubt if Liz was thinking that far ahead. I doubt if she was thinking about the unintended consequences of growing that much weed in Stewartsville.

    My only hope is that we learn about how Liz was *giving* weed to people receiving Chemo. That's still illegal, of course, but it would change the complexion of this story pretty dramatically.

    It's a slim hope, at best...

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    Did I say 17? Ugh.. it's NINEteen.

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    KaPACo Guest

    Default Miss Lizz

    Take her posts off immediately, she is a phony and a fraud!!!! Another sickening pesrson in this area..

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    She is in major ass trouble. 19 plants---- there is no way her and her husband could consume that much. She had to be dealing it.
    And she was running a day-care ?

    She has a $100,000 bail -- unless there is some divine intervention she is looking at a couple of years in the big house.

    What i am floored about is the amount of nonsense going on around here. We have oxycontin drug rings (ex p'burg assistant football coach, child care provider in Old Greenwich Church) -- now the Greenwich PTO is growing pot while running a day care in tandem

    I am going to the BOE meeting tomorrow just to watch the fireworks

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    Do you think they'll even mention it? Liz is well known, but it's not as if the PTO is a town function. She wasn't elected by anyone outside of the PTO, etc.

    I do see your point re: "just what is going on around here?"

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    Let me start by saying that if she was dealing, and is convicted of such, I hope that she gets what she has coming. The article states that the 19 plants amounts to more than an ounce but less than five pounds. It's not completely inconceivable that this was for personal use depending on just where in that range of weight the actual amount falls. I would also think that if she was dealing they would have charged her with that as well.

    Regardless of where you stand on the issue of whether pot should be legal, growing it in an environment where you are also caring for children (whether the greenhouse is segregated from the daycare facility or not) is pretty stupid.

    This doesn't change the fact that she should be afforded the opportunity to defend herself and whether you think innocent until proven guilty is just a legal term, I sure hope that if I ever get arrested people would afford me that courtesy of presumed innocence.

    As for our tax dollars in relation to this - there is no relation. Im pretty sure (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) that the PTO is not funded by the school district and the president does not draw a salary.

    One more note on the tax issue for the poster who raised the question - the police force we pay for with our taxes is the same one that busted her.

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    You are right, there is no public funding of the PTO or any of the officers, so no tax money is used for the organization. All are volunteers, voted on by the members of the PTO. It is a shame that this will put a pall on the good work that MizzLiz has done and the excellent work the PTO does year after year. We need to let this "shake out", and continue to support the PTO members who volunteer countless hours to the school and our kids. I don't think anything will be mentioned at the school board meeting as this was totally not school related. I feel badly for the kids, both hers and the ones that she watched before and after school.

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