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Thread: Misliz (Liz Kemp) from Second Home Child Care ARRESTED?

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    FYI - if the BOE does not bring it up -- i can guarantee you the attendees will. I know of at least 10 people attending tomorrow night to discuss this.

    Last time I checked PTO stands for Parents/ Teachers Organization.

    While the PTO is a volunteer group-- the reality is its a black eye for Greenwich. You can bet surrounding areas are questioning what is going on out here.

    Go to our Greenwich Schools home page -- there is a link to the PTO : ----and you still think it won't discussed?

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    I am curious to know what you think the board can or should do.

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    I doubt she was dealing to the kids she was watching. She still could have been a great childcare giver. They say the neglect comes from growing the plants while watching the kids. Has anyone else grown plants? They don't take much work that would require the neglect of other essential daily tasks.

    I think it's time that the US decriminalized pot so we can focus our resources on real crime.

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    Where and What time is the BOE meeting?
    Is it open to the public?

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    Check out the latest that was just posted - doesn't look like " someone else" planted these 19 plants :

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    BOE meeting is tomorrow at 7:30 at the Greenwich Elementary School. I doubt if the board would say anything other than a public statement from the superintendent, as it is not a board issue. The PTO is an entirely separate entity. Liz has spent countless hours working for the children of Greenwich, and I sincerely hope this thing is all a big mistake.

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    Greenwich Township PTO president needed marijuana to treat anxiety, sister says
    By Tom Quigley
    September 29, 2009, 2:31PM

    Photo Courtesy of Warren County Jail
    At left is a photo of Liz Kemp, facing drug and child neglect charges, taken from her day care Web site. At right is a photo of Kemp taken after her arrest.A family member came to the defense of Greenwich Township's PTO president and day care provider Liz Kemp today. Kemp is facing drug and child neglect charges.

    Atlanta resident Alexandra M. Spollen said her sister used marijuana to treat a severe anxiety disorder.

    Kemp is not charged with selling the drug. She remained in the Warren County jail today in lieu of $100,000 bail. Investigators armed with a search warrant allegedly found 19 marijuana plants growing in a greenhouse on Kemp's Route 57 property.

    "Liz has a severe anxiety disorder. She was on medications that she just couldn't handle because they made her depressed and really tired," Spollen said.

    Spollen said her sister found the marijuana helped her anxiety while allowing her to function.

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    Default Miss LIz

    She looks like the psychiatrist from the Soparanos :lol:

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    19 plants is a lot of pot. If you've ever seen a pot plant, they're like shrubs. If you know what you're doing and you want to concentrate them, you keep them pruned - but still. A plant generates at least a joint a day. There are only 12 months in a year. Do you really think you could smoke more than 1.5 plants per month?

    With that said: I *do* believe that pot is a better drug than a lot of prescription "anti-depressants."

    And, no, I use neither. But I know a lot of people who do, and it seems to me that Liz is a LOT better adjusted than most of the people I know on prescription medications. Most of them can't sleep, have zero libido, get hot flashes in the middle of the day (and look like they are about to burst), cry for no reason, and when everything is working just right are largely emotionless.

    I like Liz. She is anything but emotionless. If she can prove that she has used essentially all of that pot, on herself, I hope the court has justice on her. Not leniency, per se, but at least justice.

    It's a pity that pot is so stigmatized that we can't conduct legitimate medical trials on it. As a social intoxicant I don't think it is anywhere near the same as alcohol, as I've said earlier, but I'd bet it's a pretty good anti-psychotic, anti-depressant.

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    Default How could this happen?

    Did you see the pictures of Liz? Granted mug shots are always crappy, but what the H$^^ happened to that woman in 4 years? She looked pretty in the shot when she was 38 years old, in the mug shot she looks like she is 50 years old, fat (how much weight did she put on in 4 years), tired, and drugged out. She really let herself go in four years, must have been the drugs. Kids and adults another reason not to do drugs...

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