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Thread: To Anyone That Works At Best Buy

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    Default To Anyone That Works At Best Buy

    Please feel free to convey this to your management.

    I caught the new "Parking for Fuel Efficient Vehicles Only" out in the parking lot.
    It's funny to see a store the size of yours lecture me about "environmental" issues. Any idea how many watts that sign of yours is using? And your air conditioning plant - does that leverage "free cooling?"

    And, btw, given the size of your roof - when are you covering it with solar panels and/or windmills?

    Please let all of us know. We know that your signage, actually DENYING PARKING spots to people because of the vehicle they drive, is aligned with your own total-committment to the environment... Otherwise - if you DON'T cover your roof with solar panels, we might view your signs as hypocrisy camouflaged in lip-service.

    I'm not sure if my cars meet your standards, since you didn't specifiy just what "Fuel Efficient" meant, so I'm going to avoid shopping at your store from now on. I don't want to distress you with my presence. Or my money.

    If/when you go out of business, like the previous guys did, I sure hope you use fuel-efficient moving trucks.

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    What's next?
    "Parking for Customers Who Recycle Their Glass and Plastic"
    "Parking for Cash Customers"
    "Parking for Customers Who Run Up Their Credit Card Bills"
    "Parking for Customers Who Buy Their Own Health Insurance and Do Not Use the Emergency Room Instead"
    and of course:
    "Neocon Parking Only"

    Do they have environmental police there who will ticket you if you park a Hummer in one of those spots?

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    You know how you can rent that large flat-bed truck from Lowe's? I think HD does it, too.

    Might be fun to rent it and park it in the "fuel efficient" zone at Best Buy...

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    Our Town?s new Best Buy is part of a program called LEED.
    Which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.
    Many of the buildings systems contain both passive and automated energy savings systems. One of the systems is there is a radar dish on top of the building and it goes to a central computer that controls lighting, air conditioning and heating set back times etc. Automatically. There is a Sharp 10K solar panel system on the roof and many sky lites to cut back on lighting during the day and energy efficient ballasts for nite time.
    The 3 parking spots are part of the application process for lead because there are underground conduits to plug in electric vehicles, when this comes up in the future.

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    I'm going to park my vehicle in that spot and let it idle while I shop. I hate getting into a cold car in the winter.

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    That's very interesting, Wizard.

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    So what defines a "fuel efficient vehicle" now, before the plug-in ability comes? I get 35+ MPG with a straight gas car. Do I quality? What are the ramifications of parking there if you don't? Will they slap the cuffs on me? Better yet, will they let their 8-cylinder police cruiser idle while they do it? Think of the cost of gas while they cart my ass off to jail!

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    Hey Steve000, once again you prove your ignorance by posting a knee-jerk reaction before you even try to determine the facts. That's why you are always wrong. Even winnie (aka Greenwich_Wizard) has shown that he has the mental acuity to get the facts (I'm not talking about his off-the-wall stuff that he posts to stir things up).

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    Shouldn't the Eletric Vehicle spots be the furthest away from the building since they're the most fuel efficient while the clunkers spots be closer to the building to reduce fuel waste?

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    thanks for the update--- i'm gonna have to go over there and do an oil change in one of those 3 spots.

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