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Thread: Fiscally Conservative...Please Respond

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    Vic Ferrari Guest


    Concerned, take the blinders off. I did response saying that I am in favour for cuts across the board. Teachers in Greenwich number 80 as per this morning's SL. TC has what 5-7 members (if you exclude all the other committees and commissions)? Each (teachers and TC) getting raises? If you want to curb spending, whom do you focus on first? If it were up to me, then I would focus on ALL. Let’s start at the top and work our way down….ALL the way down.

    Like the facts point out (by previous posts in other threads), we are spending a lot but not getting a lot. Our school system is not at the forefront of developing our young minds for our future benefit. If you cared enough about your children you would teach them fiscal responsibility now. Don’t spend more than you have. We, THE PEOPLE, have no more to spend and unfortunately, you get paid by us. Why can't you see that?

    BTW, I’m not sure why you are sweating it? You are far more organized (just got another ONE-CALL this evening) and influential (especially when you say it is all for the children). I’m just trying to get my two cents in. That is about all I have left these days.

    Enjoy the rest of this absolutely beautiful day.

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    GW....I have a master's degree in math. I did not go into teaching for the money....that's for sure...and a real laugh if you think about it. A Maoist? You make me smile and confirm why we need good educations. Look up Mao, a teacher making 50K a year is a dictator! OMG!!! Thank you, thank you , thank you for making my point over and over again!

    GW....what do you earn? What are your degrees? Does your employer match 7% of your income in a 401K? Why don't you send your kids to private school? Why don't you move to a state where you don't get to vote on the school budget? Why did you choose Greenwich? Why did you buy your house? Cast accusations, that's ok, when you can't win an arguement, you attack the others. That's what slimy lawyers do when they know they can't win a case.

    Thank truly help me make my points the most on this site. BTW...make yourself known tomorrow at the meeting. If you care, you wil be there and speak up.

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    VIC......... THE TEACHERS HAVE NOT TURNED DOWN A PAY FREEZE. That's still in negotiations, but the TC HAS voted a raise. God almighty....listen to the meetings, this was said OVER AND OVER. Or perhaps you only listen to this site. Get informed. GET INFORMED.

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    Vic Ferrari Guest


    Concerned..."still in negotiations"....absurd. TC voting in a raise...also absurd. You are all wrong during these fiscally challenging times. What don't you understand? I will rescind once you all vote yes to a Pay Freeze. I'm thinking that "something else" will freeze before that happens.

    BTW, here is a homework question for you this evening. As a Masters in Math you should be able to find out what the entire payroll for licensed educators is in Greenwich (see and compare it to the entire payroll for TC. Then, if you can, tell me what a 3% raise for each will cost us...WE THE PEOPLE.

    Still don't know why you are all in a ruffle over this. Your side is way ahead in the propaganda war. Relax. Enjoy the raises...enjoy the medical...enjoy the pension. You will have the last laugh all the way to the end.

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    You don?t need to know any of that because I pay you, you don?t pay me that?s the difference. If you want to live your Maoist lifestyle, public employees like you should only receive sustenance in a Capitalist country that would be : a roof over your head in a communal style facility, food rations and a place to poop. That?s it. You want more? Get off of the public dole and get a job where you generate wealth.

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    okay here's the SKINNY .....
    ALREADY CUT Greenwich Township school budget cuts include:
    ^ Nine teachers

    ^ Six paraprofessionals
    ^ Two secretaries
    ^ Director of transportation, buildings and grounds
    ^ Instrumental music classes
    ^ One kindergarten class
    ^ Courtesy busing
    ^ Curriculum updates

    okay and now what has the township committee given up ??
    NOTHING !!! Look I don't see why people who are supposed to be serving this township,SUPPOSEDLY AS A "PUBLIC SERVANT" have to be given not only a yearly salary, BUT HEALTH BENEFITS FOR THEIR ENTIRE FAMILIES ...does anyone care to take a crack at what that alone costs the taxpayers .....and remember now they're elected officials , not public employees or employees like those employed by the school system. Remember the townships budget isn't passed yet either so feel free to attend their next meeting and make suggestions on where they can cut spending also . REMEMBER HOW CAN YOU EXPECT PEOPLE WHO GET PAID PLUS BENEFITS TO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION FOR THE TAXPAYERS...JUST LOOK AT PREVIOUS BUDGETS, ALL THE PAST AND PRESENT WASTEFUL SPENDING ON THE PART OF THE TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE TOO NUMEROUS TO LIST IN A QUICK POST...

    Now as for the school system...WAY TOO MUCH MONEY SPENT ON ADMINISTRATION IMO ...IF YOU WANNA CUT THE SCHOOLS BUDGETS GET RID OF ALL THE TOP ADMINISTRATION AND GO BACK TO 1 PRINCIPAL SYSTEM RUNNING BOTH SCHOOLS IT CAN BE DONE AND HAS IN THE PAST ...why not spend that money on educating the children.... just my 2 cents for this beautiful Monday morning .

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    This website can be used for good if it posts the information that other websites don't. We should have a special section to capture votes in perpetuity, and for posterity.

    For example: a few weeks ago, the town voted down the school budget. That should be captured here.

    Will the Town Council over-ride the expressed will of the people and pass the budget? If so, we need that captured for posterity.

    Will the TC vote raises for itself? Let's capture that vote, with names besides the "ayes."

    Copperlad posted that the town was getting state funding to build a path between the schools. I haven't seen that path, but that doesn't mean that the issue is dead. Governments move slowly (how about that Exit 3 on ramp "construction" work, eh?). Is this going to happen? If so, we need to know how the locals voted.

    Without data, all we get is spin and opinion.

    Concerned doesn't like the fact that we've poured more and more money into education, for almost 4 decades, without seeing math or reading scores move an inch. Bizzarely, the part of this that he's concerned about seems to be how we now refuse to pour more good money after bad. I haven't yet heard a single idea from him re: how we can use the impressive amount of money we already spend - in excess of $15,000 per student, every year - to actually get results.

    What's the right amount to "make our kids smart?" $20,000/year? Thirty? Fifty?
    Because I see Notre Dame, Beth. Catholic, P'Burg Christian, etc. getting excellent results for a fraction of the cost. I'm pretty sure the kids that go there can and will be excellent Americans.

    In fact, I'd wager that they will end up carrying a disproportionate amount of the tax burden when compared to the kids that are educated by our local school system and P'Burg High. What's more American that paying taxes to pay for ineffective education?

    Pass the Apple Pie.

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    We are generating wealth...we are educating the likes of you. Or were you hatched with all of the intelligence you claim to possess? You sound like an idiot, though, so I don't want any credit for educating you.

    Once again, thank you. You may have had one or two points that were viable ideas, but saying what you said in the last post makes the readers here discard anything you have said now or in the past. You are very angry, have you considered therapy?

    Best wishes, GW. I will not be responding to you anymore on this thread. You have made my point and arguing with you only gives you more credibility. Your last post only affirms our need for smart teachers in this country.

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    Steve....where do you get your figures? Excess 15,000 per student? You have not seen the budget presentation or like to "spin" as you say. Your two children do not attend private school, why not? And once again....the teachers do the best they are able with the resources we have. Teaching does not end at your children play video games as nauseum? Watch TV for more than 4 hours a day? We also educate all children, not just the bright ones, so our scores reflect children with IEP's (thank you NCLB) and a few children with disabilities can skew the scores in a school as small as ours.
    See you at the meeting today at 2PM....or don't you care?

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    Vic Ferrari Guest


    Ok, I had to do "concern's" homework.

    The 2009 public payroll for Greenwich Educators, Public Employees and PD/Fire are listed below:

    Licensed Educators - $5,061,351
    Public Employees - $575,365
    Police/Fire - $661,203

    Like I said, I'm for cuts (or that the least...monetary sacrifices) across the board but if you had a broken leg would you be concerned about a splinter in your finger? In our lovely town's case, a pay cut or freeze on the first group would be a good starting point. Unforunately, our education system is "broken".

    BTW, "concern", I doubt that any of our jobs end at 3:00. Not even 4:00 or even 5:00 or 6:00? How about evenings, weekends and traveling across the country day in and day out, as is my case. My hard work has done a good job of paying a part of all your salaries. Would you be willing to return in kind if I needed it?

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