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Thread: Last nights meeting about the high school...

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    Default Last nights meeting about the high school...

    I attended the meeting in Greenwich last night and I have to say that I was extremely proud to finally see a room full of people who were getting annoyed and willing to do what ever it take to get the high school built. There were ideas and thoughts tossed around and it looks like they would like the region to stay together and fight for the high school we were promised from the State. We really need to get organized and and it would be really great if Lopat's meeting was as emotional as the Greenwich meeting was. I know that their are people coming over to our meeting from Greenwich, please make it a priority to attend our meeting on March 7th.
    Lopatcong Township PTA General Meeting

    March 7th, 2007 at 7:00 PM

    Lopatcong Middle School

    Guest Speaker- Dr Gordon Pethick,

    Superintendent of the Phillipsburg School District

    Question and answer session for parents

    Our mayor-Doug Steinhardt, Board President-Ernie Gallant and Super. Dr Rossi will be attending as well as the press.

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    I also attended the meeting last night. I was amazed how many cars were in the parking lot. There were many great ideas discussed in this meeting. The idea that stuck in my mind is to make this public as much as possible. I have already emailed Jim Gearhart of NJ 101.5 morning show regarding this matter. He did announce it on the air this morning.

    Let's stick together.

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    Default Listen to 101.5 tomorrow morning at 7:10AM

    After sending the email, I called 101.5 and spoke to Jim Gearhart. He said that he did not have enough time to discuss this and for me to call back tomorrow morning at 7:10am to discuss more about this matter. Please if you want this HS as much as I do, please listen tomorrow morning and try to call (1-800-283-1015).


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    I had to leave the meeting early in order to pick up my kid. Was anything decided on what route to take? It seemed to me that the ideas presented by the residents mostly got a "Yup, we thought of that, but we can't do it." response by Brennan. I heard several people ask "What CAN we do?" but I didn't hear any answers.

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    I think by the end of the meeting it became apparent that frustration was setting in and the wait and see approach was no longer going to work. The President of the Lopat school board was there and asked for a show of support and unity among all of the sending districts and Philipsburg. The Greenwich board collected contact info to follow-up with anyone interested in "the next step". It wasn't really clear what that is going to be, but it is obvious that there needs to be one.

    It is clear that we need an organized approach to finding a solution. I will support any such effort. I plan to attend Lopat's meeting on March 7th and continue to make as much noise as humanly possible around this issue.

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    Default Lopatcong meeting for the new high school


    Can you send me the information for the Lopatcong meeting on 3/7?


    I will try to attend.

    Thank you

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    March 7th, 2007 at 7:00 PM

    Lopatcong Middle School

    I assume all are invited to attend. I will be there.

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    How did the radio show go? I'm interested because I was in the first class to go to the brand new Lopatcong Elementary School on Rt. 57. I remember Mrs. Meirs our kindergarten teacher commenting by the time our class got out of eighth grade we would have a brand new high school. That was in 1972.Good luck, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Same ole, same ole. Sounds like there's work to be done. Jim Gearhart bought up a good point...the sending districts are not Abbott districts therefore the state will not see this as a crisis. I believe it is a travesty that this northwest corner of Warren County seems to be the forgotten child of NJ politicians.

    I am a firm believer that Phillipsburg deserves what they were promised. However, I believe it is time for the sending districts to look at other options and maybe sever some of the 135 year old traditional ties. We send a majority of students in attendance to the high school, it sounds like that send/receive relationship is at the root of the overcrowding problem.

    I am sure that is easier said than done, but it is obvious that the high school cannot accommodate the continued expected growth, so a time for action is NOW.

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    Why isn?t anyone outraged over the fact that the land was purchased in Lopatcong which isn?t the Abbott district? That is what made the state withdraw the funds in the first place eight years ago. The legislation was written to give the money to the Abbott town , not any old nearby town. As for the BOE apologists with their ?There?s no room in Phillipsburg?, that?s not true - there is tons of room in the Ingersoll Rand complex which is perfectly situated between 78 and 22. There was also room to add on to the old school. That spot they chose in Lopatcong has terrible access traffic wise.

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