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Thread: Last nights meeting about the high school...

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    Default No new money for our children's education

    With what has gone on in Warren County and inflation there will be no
    new money for our children and their education.

    Governor Corzine has the right idea.

    We need to know where all of the money went for the new High School.

    If the current Tzar of Warren County is the Republican Chairman and
    a partner in the law firm Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt, and Nader what
    would we call the type of government in Warren County?

    Government is no longer Democratic when you have a private company
    and a private political entity controlling the Government.

    A Republican running for President has called it Facism. It seems to fit.

    The Town of Lopatcong is reaching out to us in Greenwich to join the
    "Gang." Lopatcong presents it as saving money for the taxpayers.

    It costs us money since Lopatcong is accountable to no one. They are
    a law firm using the Police to rule and control.

    Elections are going to be happening in Lopatcong in November. Right
    now there are no term limits, cronyism, and corruption.BANKRUPTCY
    of the Democracy called the United States of America.

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    Default Re: No new money for our children's education

    Quote Originally Posted by biggeredtruck

    It costs us money since Lopatcong is accountable to no one.
    Ultimately, they are accountable to the voters, and we get what we deserve every time we vote.
    Liberty without learning is always in peril; learning without liberty is always in vain. - JFK

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