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Thread: LMR - The Cheapest Garbage Pickup In Stewartsville and Surrounding Towns - New Customers Get 2 Months Free!

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    Thumbs up LMR - The Cheapest Garbage Pickup In Stewartsville and Surrounding Towns - New Customers Get 2 Months Free!

    LMR Disposal is the Cheapest Garbage Pickup in Stewartsville and Surrounding Towns

    They are a local family owned business with more than 15 years experience.

    Why you should switch to LMR Disposal service:
    They will beat any competitor's price!
    No hidden fuel surcharges or miscellaneous fees!
    Their monthly price includes recycling!

    96 gallon container is only $27 a month!
    That's only $81 quarterly.
    Compare that to your current garbage pickup!

    LMR customers can put out up to 2 extra bags per week @ no charge. No Stickers needed!!!


    Why pay more for trash service? Switch to the cheapest and best around!

    We are so sure that they are the best around
    that we will pay for your first 2 months of service absolutely free!

    That's right, when you call LMR, tell them that sent you
    and get your first 2 months on us!

    CALL 1-908-859-0373

    Don't forget tell them sent you to get your two months for free!

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    These guys do a great job and will pickup any item @ a reasonable rate from the curb. Also you can put all recycling together in one can which saves me alot of time. I have alot of cardboard on a monthly basis which makes it hassel free for me to recycle. Time is $$$. I also got their medium sized can which is a 64 gallon and they charge me $24 a month which is $72 a quarter. Service is great for me and my neighbors!

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    We switched over to them last month and have no complaints at all. The bottom line is it's cheaper, and to me I don't care who picks up my garbage. If I can save $ I'm happy!

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    We use Mr Cleanout too and have been now for a few months. Our neighbor switched first and they told us about them. I agree with John. I don't care who picks up our trash, just as long as it gets picked up. So to save money right now in this economy it's worth it. Also I like how they have bulk pickup. They quoted and picked up an old couch and wall unit from us last month. I called around and they were $100 cheaper than the cheapest quote I found so I highly recommend them as well

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    Ditto! Switched last month and can't be happier! The can is HUGE, and they take just about anything!

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    We switched too and we could not be happier. They are very pleasant and personable.

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    thanks we are going to switch over tomorrow

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    Default We switched too...

    I was a bit surprised that the person from Smiths who took my "cancel my service" call didn't make any attempt to keep me as a customer. I've seen so many black cans out there lately where they used to ALL be green. Haven't they noticed a drop in income and a lot of extra bins laying around?

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    Default Just called

    I am changing to them!

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    These guys are EXCELLENT! Having just moved from one side of town to the other, we had tons of garbage and recycling. They have been wonderful! One of my girlfriends even forgot to put her can down at the curb and they came up and got it for her! I really never thought I would care who picked up my garbage but the customer service is impeccable. When I called Smith Bros to cancel all I got was total attitude. No attempt whatsoever to try to keep my business (I had been a Smith customer for over 10 years). Can't say enough about this company....

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