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Thread: Does anyone use Service Electric's cable modem service?

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    Default Does anyone use Service Electric's cable modem service?

    I am starting to get tired with banging my head against the wall that is Verizon's DSL tech support and seriously thinking about jumping to a cable modem.

    Does anyone use them? I know they are not the best but I have a whopping two options, DSL or cable. DSL has been solid but with a max speed of 3 the offer of 7 with cable is mighty tempting. Plus Verizon has gotten on my bad side after screwing up my account and being unable to fix it back to what it was for a couple of weeks now.

    How is the cable modem service around here? Does it maintain speeds? Does it get terribly slow in the evenings and weekends? Post your experiences if you have any.

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    I use Service Electric Cable modem and I couldn't be happier. Considering I'm on the internet 24 hours a day and with no hope of FIOS ever coming out here, Service electric internet is not bad at all. When I moved in here about 6 years ago I had verison DSL and it was horrible. I found out about SE when my neighbor had it installed. Since then I couldn't be happier. There are no slowdowns, and no problems. The speed is also pretty decent. I'd never switch back

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    Which speed did you pick? I am told that I can get up to 10 in my area but my best bet is to go with 7.

    Did you pay extra for unlimited bandwidth or is 75 gigs a month between 5 pm and 1 am enough for you, or are you on some sort of fancy business plan that doesnt have those restrictions?

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    I have the 7 internet plan, and I assume it's unlimited download With all TV stations and internet I pay about $170-$180 a month.

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    Verizon finally succeeded in losing me as a customer. Their tech support screwed around for three days and finally sent someone out only to find it was a neighborhood-wide problem. The end result was them resetting my router and blowing out all my wireless settings thereby opening my network up to the world until I locked it down again. Of course, they didn't bother to tell me this...

    I'm switching to SECTV's plan and taking my phone and internet with me. I'm pulling everything I can from Verizon. SECTV's tech support is in Bethlehem. I know a few people with their service, and they have nothing bad to say.

    I'm going with their cable/internet/phone plan with 5MB/down. Total is about $130/mo including taxes, etc. In the end, I wind up saving about $40/month by making this switch.

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    Lewis, I agree with you. I pulled everything from Verizon and went with SE and couldn't be happier. Their TV is good, and internet is just as good. (I didn't get the phone service) I just use a cell. But I'm very happy with the switch. When I had Verizon DSL I'd had down times, outages, and they always either blamed it on a town wide problem or my house. I havent had any downtimes with SE in the 2 years I've had them

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    Default @ Lopat

    So, this is why my Wireless network is not working. Grrrr.
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    Default verizon wireless down for 3 days now

    changing to cable modem or comcast - VERIZON SUCKS !!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RES View Post
    I just moved into town and coming from an area that had FIOS, I knew that DSL would not be right for me. In addition, their customer service is probably the worst I have ever experienced. I have decided on SEC for internet only which will cost me $54.95 for 10MB on download and 800KB on upload. I am having service installed next Saturday and should be able to provide some feedback thereafter. I am not aware of any bandwidth restrictions. Are there any?
    Please let us know how it goes. I am curious to see how new installs are handled as I may be doing the same thing soon enough.

    SECTV does have bandwidth restrictions, you can confirm this by calling support and asking to talk to a tech. They have a 75 GB per month download limit during peak hours, which is 5 PM to 1 AM. All other times is unlimited, so plan your downloads accordingly if you are a heavy user. For an extra $20 a month you can request unlimited bandwidth.

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    I have SE cable modem, and I am very happy with it. Then again, I came from Verizon DSL out here!!! :-)
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