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    Has anyone had a child participate in the "People to People" overseas program? If so, can you share your experience please? Our son has been solicited, and I've never heard of this organization before, but they boast excellent qualifications. Thank you if you can offer any information.

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    I went to Great Britain as a People to People Ambassador the summer following my senior year in high school (I was 17 yo; my brother, who also went, was 14 yo). It was a wonderful experience! The leaders were great, can't say anything bad about them, and there were about 2 dozen of us high schoolers from NJ, DE, MD...I believe it was 3-4 weeks long, and while I don't recall all of the details, here's a summary: we were driven by bus to Washington D.C. and spent a couple of days there visiting landmarks and meeting with members of Congress. From there we flew to England, visited Shakespeare's birthplace, and stayed at a homestay for a week, living, eating, etc. as they do. Even went to a teen dance dance at the local "rec". I had a great family; I heard mixed reviews from others. Bad food was the biggest complaint! As I said to my brother, "When in Rome..." Then it was off to Scotland where we stayed at the University of St. Andrew for a few days, visited Wales, went REALLY FAR down into a mine - very neat - continued on to Ireland - Cork, Dublin, Blarney Stone, etc. Finally took a ferry over to London for the final 2 days, visited all of the major sites, met a member of Parliament.

    Not sure where your son's year is going but, if it's a place he is interested in visiting, I would recommend it! Virtually everyday we were exposed to something educational/cultural. Not inexpensive, but what a nice way to meet friends, become more independent and learn about the world first-hand.

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    My daughter was solicited and is going this summer. It is well organized and has been around since Eisenhower was president. We also know of several people that have sent their children over the years......supposedly a great experience. What did you decide to do for your son?

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    highly advise them doing it now.. once they are married and have kids international travel pretty much impossible until retirement for most folks.

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