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Thread: Hurricane Sandy: The Devil's Masterpiece

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    Default Hurricane Sandy: The Devil's Masterpiece

    Hi boys and girls. Guess what? Sandy was an engineered storm. Follow the yellow brick road. Back in the 70's, when the "Cold War" was running strong, then Soviet Premier Brezhnev spoke of weapons more horrifying than nuclear missiles. He was speaking of what we referred to in the Red, White, and Blue Murder Machine (the U.S. Military) as climatological warfare. In plain English, weather modification. The U.S. employed it extensively in the Vietnam war. Imagine the technological advances since then. On 11 August 2010, NASA initiated Project GRIP (Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes). GRIP effectuated the precise conditions for kick-starting a tropical depression into a hurricane. Simply put, NASA created a weather weapon of mass destruction. "Hurricane formation and intensification is really the holy grail of this field." So brayed Ed Zipser, GRIP researcher and atmospheric scientist at the University of Utah. "We want to see storms that become hurricanes, and we want to see some that don't become hurricanes, so we can compare the data. The same is true for hurricane intensification." So bleated GRIP Project Manager Marilyn Vasques. This demonic technology developed by NASA can invoke, intensify, and steer a hurricane. A powerful microwave radiometer and a NASA designed Lidar(laser radar) were constructed for this purpose. This Sea Based X-Band Radar is a floating, self propelled, military controlled and operated mobile radar station capable of operating in destructive winds and heavy seas. The sinister platform is part of the U.S. Defense Dept. Ballistic Missile Defense System. Code named SBX. The movement and location of this monster is of course classified. By sheer coincidence, the SBX was in the Gulf when Hurricane Katrina was formed on 23 Aug. 2005. On the subject of hurricane modification, Chris Doyle, head of the Dept. of Homeland Security's science and technology research division gushed to a conference of the American Meteorological Society in May of 2008, "It sounds kind of crazy and science fiction-ish, but it's really the direction we need to go in." (to be continued perhaps).

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    You should buy gas tomorrow. It's an odd day, and you're odd.

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    Default The Matrix

    Keep watching Fox News and repeat; "I believe, I believe, I believe ... "

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    Rocket Science2 Guest


    Wow it's been a long time since you've posted. Greatly entertained as always.

    Why don't you citation your sources? Everything you have in this post is practically word for word from a website. Hardly an original thought here.

    That's plagiarism. If you were getting a grade on your assignment (F-)

    Shame on you!

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    Default No plagiarism

    What I wrote on Sandy came from several different sources and did not originate on the web-site you posted. Most of it is hard facts and quotations that are freely available from many sources for any serious researcher. Some of it I've known since I was a member of Caesar's legions and that was a long time ago, impossible for me to remember a precise source. That hardly constitutes plagiarism. In truth, the rabbit hole goes much deeper. I am always happy to entertain.

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    OK, you have a lot of sources and clearly have an abundance of free time to do more "research". Since this is an informal message board and there are no royalties or other monetary gain, I guess we can let it slide that you don't include citations.

    It's pretty common knowledge that there are tools for weather manipulation. Cloud seeding has been used for decades. There is no hiding of this technology. It was promoted during the Beijing and London Olympics that seeding was taking place to help prevent rain during the opening ceremonies.

    But why would the US gov't create a super storm (if they actually can) and direct it towards our own country? For an election photo op? What gain came out of "creating" Katrina and destroying NO? I know the gov't has a lot of secret ops but I have a hard time believing their motto is "cut off my nose to spite my face".

    Sorry, I just don't see the purpose of using these technologies against ourselves. If the US truly has these capabilities (to create a 1,500 mile wide storm, the largest to hit the East coast in 100 years, with the ability to turn it on a dime), why wouldn't we just wreak havoc on Iran, the Taliban, or North Korea? Or heck send a storm to Canada just because we can -eh?

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    Default Reasons

    On a mundane level, several pundits attribute Emperor Obummer's election victory to Sandy. They claim it broke the Bishop of Bain's momentum. I don't necessarily buy that, the psychopathic cult of Mormonry will have to call Joseph Smith in the Otherworld for verification. I believe the primary reason is that a great disaster softens up a population making it amenable to control, subjugation and manipulation. Think invasion by a foreign military power for analogy. The Jersey shore, Long Island, and Staten Island have literally been under martial law since Sandy. National Guard troops prowl with shoot to kill orders for looters. Residents cannot go anywhere without a soldier in their face demanding I.D. A tyrant's wet dream. Further, Soviet America has long been murdering innocent civilians in numerous foreign lands under the auspice of its phoney "War on Terror". The US is just another sector of the global plantation. Multinational corporations and international financial brokerage houses rule, not their sock puppet politicians. Why should Big Brother have any qualms about "starching" denizens within the confines of North America?

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    Rocket Science2 Guest


    the psychopathic cult of Mormonry will have to call Joseph Smith in the Otherworld for verification.

    HD - That may be your best line you've ever written on this site.

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    Rocket Science2 Guest


    You should write a book. Your descriptive phrases are priceless.

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    Thank you Rocket Man, as aforesaid, I'm always glad to entertain my fellow subjects of the Union of Soviet States of America. Keep punching buddy.

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