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    Dear Residents of Greenwich,

    I am writing to you because of the important election facing Greenwich Township this Tuesday. I have broken from the Republican Party in this election because I believe that the Republican choice for Committee is wrong for Greenwich . I am running as an Independent under the tag line "Greenwich Residents First" because my allegiance is to the residents of Greenwich and not a party.

    Here is what is at stake in this election:

    Master Plan and Zoning:
    When I moved to Greenwich 12 years ago I saw that the zoning in Greenwich promoted SPRAWL and over development. I also saw that there were plans to have roads built through all our quiet neighborhoods to connect high traffic highways. I am proud to say I have been successful in working with the Planning Board to come up with new LOW DENSITY zoning that protects our Open Space and quality of life. We also were able to remove all the planned roads from cutting through our neighborhoods.

    Because of proper planning Greenwich went from zero acres of preservation to over 1000 acres preserved. The top in Warren County .

    Greenwich has now been put on the right path by the dedication and hard work of the Planning Board and Open Space Committee. I am proud to say I was part of that. My opponent Angelo Faillace has remarkably decided to attack the volunteer members of the Planning Board for financial mismanagement that has been caused by the past Township Committee. He does not understand that the Planning Board does not handle escrow accounts. Angelo Faillace also does not understand the impacts of over development, not knowing that
    high density industry has a high density affordable housing obligation which will add children to our schools which can increase school costs thus your taxes. If Mr. Faillace gets elected he will have a minimum of 4 appointments on the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment and will have the ability to change our Master Plan which protects us. WE CAN NOT AFFORD TO LET THAT HAPPEN.

    The 2012 Township budget had a zero tax increase to you the tax payer. They delivered no new taxes to you while closing a $558,000 budget gap with no reduction in services. Remarkably the zero increase budget only passed by a 3 to 2 vote. My opponent Angelo Faillace would have voted against the budget. He believes we should increase taxes even though we donít need to just in case we need the money later. I believe that it is your money and the Township should leave it in your pocket. If you increase taxes as Angelo has suggested I can guarantee you that the Township will find something to do with the money and you will never see it returned to you. As Mayor I decreased spending by $45,000 and will continue to help find ways to relieve your tax burden.

    Those are just 2 major issues that are at stake. There are others.

    I am asking that you help me to keep Greenwich Beautiful and Affordable by voting for me in the upcoming election. The future of our Township is depending on your vote.

    Frank Marchetta


    Paid for by Committee to Elect Frank Marchetta to Township Committee

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    I thought that this bulletin board was not to be used for a politcal platform!!!!

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    Booger, I own this message board and I thought the same thing as you. More importantly I'd like to know why the Township Committee was paid, considering they don't own this website. But I like that he's an independent so I'll let it stay up for now. But as the owner of, I was NOT paid for this post.

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    Sorry. The disclaimer that says "Paid For By" is required by law when posting something for an election. Not sure if needed for this site but added to be safe. I can confirm that I did not pay anyone for the post on this site and thank you for letting the post stay.


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    Thanks Frank. Welcome to the board. Carry on.

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