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Thread: Britney Spears sister of 16 years old pregnant?

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    Jodi Foster is ok also. She is also highly intelligent, but I don't know that that has anything to do with keeping it together later in life. Do you really think Drew Barrymore is screwed up? I like her, but I don't follow her personal life so I guess I assumed she was OK.

    Another messed up one is Tatum O'Neal and I believe her brother is a mess also, but I don't know that he has ever acted.

    There is something highly unsettling about stage parents in general. I don't know how many of these kids would choose this way of life on their own if not for their parents. The saddest thing I have ever read was the book about Jon Benet. I really don't know what possesses a parent to want that for their children, and the outcome in this case is particularly heartwrenching.

    There seems to be a difference between the child stars of my day and the ones of today. The obstacles they face are different. And in general I think proper parenting has gone the way of the dinosaur.

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    Default Great list

    I think there are quite a few "successful" child actors that are very, very much screwed up even if they do still have money.

    Michael Jackson is the obvious poster child for that camp.
    And, yes, I'd put Drew Barrymore there, along with Britney and Lindsay.
    Christina Aguilera is on the line.
    McCauley Culkin is clearly toast at this point.
    Much of the Brat Pack crashed and burned, like Robert Downey Jr.

    For the most part it seems as if the path is always the same, it's just a question of "when" does it happen. Specifically: Child celebrity is "discovered." Gets lots of attention and money while they remain hot. At some point they cool down - and the wheels come off.

    If this happens while they are still kids (<16), it likely results in substance abuse, self-destruction, and a very good chance of serious alienation of parents.

    If it happens later, say between 20 and 40, it's different. These are kids who parlayed their looks and morals (or lack thereof), normally, into staying on the cover. In many cases they go the extra mile and take off their clothes, normally to some kind of headline declaring that they are "all grown up."

    How quaint.

    In any case, they normally go from "cute" to "sexy," to "trashy." Barrymore is in that camp. She got air time showing her body to Letterman, but her looks have pretty much run their course. Aguilera is close behind her. Did any of you catch Demi Moore's bitter complaints about how "it's all about looks now - nobody wants a serious actress like me!"

    Yeah, right. That's what made her famous. Her amazing gravitas, and not the fact that as part of the Brat Pack she was a very pretty girl, willing to act raunchy.

    And although Madonna wasn't a child star, she's a great example of just how much fame is based on nubile looks and nothing more. She can't give her music away these days...

    These people typically melt down a bit slower. More akin to the Farrah Fawcett kind of thing - unable to deal with the cruel truth that they chose a career that is deeply, deeply rooted in the superficial, and that looks don't last forever.

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