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    She does an incredibly thorough job--cleaning refrigerators, ovens, laundry, etc, so she has a 4 hour minimum and she commits to one house per day. She also does post constuction and apartment turnover cleaning.For the Astoria neighborhood, she is willing to clean once a week for 75 vs once every two weeks for 100, no tip expected.

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    I would also like to vouch for Jaso. She cleaned our house last week 1 bedroom with an office 2 bathrooms and did an incredible job - it was very thorough. She also did our laundry to perfection. She was extremely personable and I felt very comfortable with her right away. I hope to have her cleaning for us for many years to come here in Astoria and getting to know her in the process. She seems so far like a wonderful person who truly gives 100 to her efforts. Highly recommend

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    My nanny and extended family member, Jaso, is looking to move into housecleaning now that our youngest child is in nursery school. I highly recommend her: she is hardworking, very thorough and, most importantly, completely trustworthy. She has references not just from me but others she has cleaned for. Currently she has two houses in Manhattan that she cleans every two weeks for 100tip each time. She would like to have a house to clean every weekday, and she knows the Astoria rate would be cheaper, but then she would not have to commute. If you are interested, please respond to me by email and I will forward her contact information. Thanks, Sylvia

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    I Loved this your storys have so much meaning to them. And I can really relate to this I am so happy to see you back I have missed you and now I need to think about my house cleaningGod Bless You Love Eva

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    Hi Eva, It really is good to be home but there seems to be a lot to do when you are gone so long. I really Thank you for your comments on this. It just hit me one night and believe me when I say it was a very long night for me. God bless you Eva. You are a very special lady..Love, Sharlee

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    Hi all, I live in the area and can recommend my cleaner .She is fast and knows what cleaning means She cleans my house in 4 hours where my previous cleaner struggled with 5 hours to do the same job... Im very happy with her so far, and she is also a very nice person. She is looking for more work, I would like to help her , so if you are still looking for a cleaner , call her 07440186908 .Thanks

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    Get sofa dry cleaning, house deep cleaning, floor polishing and bad bug treatment services in Gurgaon. Hire best pest control

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    Tell to me, please - where to me to learn more about it?

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    What does all that cost typically? I need all those services but I don't want to break the bank.

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