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Thread: House cleaning lady

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    Default House cleaning lady

    Can you please suggest me a house cleaning lady?
    How much they charge?

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    Can anyone reccomend a co. that does windows also?

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    I know someone who used to work for Molly Maids that just started doing my house. I have an "arrangement" with her (no, it's not sordid) so I really can't speak to what she would charge. If you are interested, let me know and I will try to get you connected.

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    Please post Molly Maids's contact about whom you are talking about.

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    Well I can recommend cleaning service from Go Menage. I got satisfied with cleaning lady they've sent in my home.

  6. Default House cleaning lady

    Hi thereCan you give me an idea of the cost of cleaning a 2 bed house every say 2 weeks

  7. Default House cleaning lady

    we need to watch out for cleaning ladies, Id no idea they could be so dangerousMaybe she had "Stockholm Syndrome"

  8. Default House cleaning lady

    Thanks for sharing the information.Kindly give me the details in which technique you arte used to clean the wooden house.

  9. Default House cleaning lady

    You will start seeing some changes on the site, general hosue cleaning and modifying groupings etc. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts - again if anyone wants to help moderate please contact me - Thanks all

  10. Default House cleaning lady

    hello all, Jaso is no bs the best cleaning lady we have ever used. thanks sylvia. completely thorough and trustworthy, sweet, friendly and great with the baby. did not know her or Sylvia at all before yesterday but will be definitely using Jaso whenever our apartment is a pigsty truly worth the moola since she actually really knows how to clean WELL.cheerskristen

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