Steve -- Wasn't referring to you specifically. My comment was meant to be more general, not to single out anyone in particular. And just to be clear, I was also saying that we base salaries over time should not be expected to remain static. Quite the opposite, I would exect them rise as with any other at a reasonable rate.

Just as a suggestion, perhaps they should rise no more than 1% of the average rate increase given to Fortune 500 employees below the executive levels (i.e, the indians and not the chiefs). Bennies are a tough call but should not be so outrageous that the average working stiff doesn't become enraged.

With respect to teachers in particular, I am amazed when the union threatens a strike for more pay for a job that gets rougly 12-14 weeks of vacation every year. Do they have a tough job to do? Yes. When we can ultimately weed out the ones who are ineffective then I will respect their demands when they negotiate new contracts.